[Release] Campus Hiring PT. Lancar Wiguna Sejahtera (Lawson)

Diposting Oleh | Maret 19, 2024 | Berita & Kegiatan

In its development, Human Resources (HR) has become one of the important factors that determine the success of a company. However, the effort to obtain superior and highly competitive human resources is not easy. Responding to this need, Bunda Mulia University presents the Alumni & Career Center (ACC) which aims to make it easier for the industry to find superior and highly competitive human resources. ACC facilitates the recruitment process by bridging prospective job applicants, such as alumni or students with companies in need. The collaboration in question can be in the form of Campus Hiring where companies will directly meet potential candidates.

On March 14th, 2024, PT. Lancar Wiguna Sejahtera (Lawson Indonesia) had the privilege of hosting an on-site Campus Hiring event through ACC UBM. Lawson is a convenience store with a Japanese concept that sells fast food and beverages and provides a comfortable place for eating and drinking. Lawson has fast growth in Japan and has expanded to many countries including Indonesia. Campus Hiring of Lawson Indonesia  was held online via zoom meetings.

During the Campus Hiring event, Mr. Alfatih, the HR Team of Lawson Indonesia presented the company profile to the attendees. The presentation was followed by a detailed question and answer session. Campus Hiring continues with an online psychological test and then an online interview. Campus Hiring is a powerful tool that can help individuals kick-start their careers and achieve their dreams. It not only provides an opportunity to gain valuable insights and skills but also empowers young talent to succeed in their chosen industry. With the right guidance and support, Campus Hiring can be a transformative experience that unlocks one’s potential and sets them on a path toward future success. 

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