[Release] Industrial Visit Accounting Study Program to PT. Nutrifood Indonesia

Diposting Oleh | Januari 16, 2024 | Berita & Kegiatan

On December 1st, 2023, the Accounting Study Program of Bunda Mulia University, in collaboration with the Alumni & Career Center, organized an industrial visit to PT. Nutrifood Indonesia in Jakarta, Indonesia. The visit was aimed at providing an opportunity for the Accounting students to gain insights into the role of accounting in the food industry. PT. Nutrifood Indonesia is a leading private company in the health food and beverage industry in Indonesia.

The theme of the visit, “Menggali Profesi Akuntansi Dalam Bisnis Makanan,” focused on elucidating the crucial role of accounting in the food industry. During the visit, the students had the privilege of listening to a speaker who explained how accounting practices can help manage finances, budget planning, and cost control in the food business. The discussions covered key aspects such as financial reporting, auditing, and financial management strategies that can improve the performance and sustainability of food businesses.

The visit was a valuable opportunity for the Accounting students of UBM Ancol Campus to exchange ideas, discuss current challenges and design effective solutions to enhance user experience. The students were encouraged to appreciate the contribution of accounting in maintaining financial balance and driving business growth in the food sector. Additionally, the students had a chance to observe the latest trends in the industry and how they can be leveraged to improve user experience.

After the informative session, the students were given a tour of the facilities at PT Nutrifood Indonesia. This activity provided the students with an opportunity to observe the latest technology and equipment used in the food industry. The industrial visit proved to be a highly beneficial experience for all participants.

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