[Release] Campus Hiring CNGR Advanced Material Co. Ltd

Diposting Oleh | Maret 28, 2024 | Berita & Kegiatan

In March 2024, CNGR Advanced Material Co.Ltd proudly hosted an exclusive Campus Hiring event in collaboration with the Alumni & Career Center (ACC) of Bunda Mulia University. As a leading provider of professional comprehensive services for advanced energy materials used in lithium batteries, CNGR continues to be a major player in the rapidly growing field. With a strong network of collaborations with dozens of well-known companies both domestically and internationally, CNGR’s high-quality products have been widely supplied to over 500 world-class companies and used extensively in the fields of 3C, automation, and power storage. CNGR’s head office is strategically located in Jakarta, Indonesia, and the factories are situated in Morowali, Tsingshan Industrial Park, North Morowali, Maluku, and South Kalimantan.

The Campus Hiring began with a presentation of the company profile by Mr. Barep Priyo Utomo as a Human Resource Team of CNGR Advanced Material Co.Ltd. The presentation was followed by a detailed question and answer session. By attending the Campus Hiring, candidates got the privilege to taking part in HR interviews directly.

The Campus Hiring program offered by the Alumni & Career Center is a robust resource for the industry to discover exceptional and exceptionally competitive talent. In addition to assisting alumni and students in launching their careers and realizing their aspirations, ACC offers a chance to acquire invaluable knowledge and expertise, empowering young professionals to flourish in their chosen field. With proper guidance and support, Campus Hiring can be a life-changing journey that unlocks one’s potential and sets them on a trajectory toward long-term triumph.

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