[Release] Job Fair December 9, 2023 UBM Serpong Campus

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The Alumni and Career Center (ACC) of Universitas Bunda Mulia (UBM) plays a crucial role in connecting the academic world with the industry. Recently, the ACC department organized a successful Job Fair that provided an excellent platform for both the students and alumni to interact with HR professionals from leading companies. The event took place on December 9, 2023, in the UBM Sports Hall lobby, which was buzzing with enthusiasm and excitement. 

The Job Fair aimed to help prospective graduates gain insights into various job opportunities and network with potential employers. The ACC UBM team worked tirelessly to ensure that the event was well-organized and productive. The positive feedback from the attendees was a testament to their hard work. The Job Fair was a resounding success, and it reflects the ACC UBM department’s commitment to fostering connections between academia and industry and to supporting the career aspirations of UBM students and alumni.

This activity was attended by several company partners ranging from;

1. PT. Lancar Wiguna Sejahtera (Lawson)

2. PT. Wook Global Technology 

3. Hotel Alila SCBD Jakarta

4. PT. Alam Sutera Realty, Tbk

5. PT. Bank Artha Graha Internasional, Tbk

6. Oakwood Suites La Maison Jakarta

7. PT. Maybank Indonesia Finance

8. PT. Anta Express Tour & Travel Service, Tbk

9. PT. Erajaya Swasembada, Tbk

10. Sungai Budi Group

This successful Job Fair event saw an impressive turnout of enthusiastic participants. Along with providing information on job openings, the event featured engaging games and small prizes hosted by various companies. UBM Job Fair has been instrumental in simplifying the job and internship search process for students and alumni alike. By offering invaluable insights into various industries, the enriching experience of the Job Fair promotes a deeper understanding and appreciation of their complexities. For Biemers seeking job vacancies and internships, the Job Fair presents an excellent opportunity to explore new horizons and take their first steps toward achieving their career aspirations.

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