[Release] Public Lecture of Visual Communication Design Study Program with Livia Wongso

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JAKARTA, INDONESIA – On November 16th, 2023, UBM Ancol hosted a public lecture on “Building Your Unique Style as a Business Illustrator” in the UBM Premiere Classroom at the UBM Ancol campus. The public lecture was open to all students of the UBM Ancol Visual Communication Design program and was led by Livia Wongso, a distinguished alumnus of the Visual Communication Design Study Program from the class of 2015.

Ms. Ika Resmika, an esteemed illustration lecturer, moderated a public lecture that delved into the nuances of developing an illustration style. The discussion covered critical elements such as technique exploration, media exploration, and self-exploration. The lecture provided a unique opportunity for students to understand how illustration has become a popular and promising art style. By exploring our illustration style, we can unlock our full potential and realize our creative capabilities.

According to Dr. Fransiskus Adikara, the Dean of UBM’s Faculty of Technology and Design, this public lecture serves to inspire and motivate young illustrators to develop their unique styles. Livia Wongso, an exceptionally talented young illustrator from Indonesia, possesses a distinctive illustration style that sets her apart. We hope that this lecture will aid UBM students and other aspiring illustrators in discovering their creative voices in the field of illustration.

During the public lecture, Livia shared her experiences in developing her illustration style. She started by exploring different techniques, such as watercolor, gouache, and digital illustration. She also experimented with different media, such as paper, canvas, and even fabric. In addition, she explored her personality and interests to find inspiration for her illustrations. Livia’s advice to aspiring illustrators is to never give up and to keep experimenting. She also encourages illustrators to find their unique style and not be afraid to be different.

The public lecture was a huge success, and the UBM Ancol Visual Communication Design program is proud to have hosted such a valuable event for its students. We hope that this public lecture will inspire and motivate young illustrators to develop their unique illustration style and to pursue their passion for art.

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