[Release] Seminar Career Catalyst: Building Your Future Through Internships

Diposting Oleh | Maret 19, 2024 | Berita & Kegiatan

Alumni & Career Center Department from Bunda Mulia University, hosted a significant event on March 8th, 2024 – the Internship Socialization Seminar, entitled “Career Catalyst: Building Your Future Through Internships.” This online activity was conducted via Zoom and featured distinguished speakers who provided comprehensive insights to 6th-semester students with great enthusiasm. The event was well-attended with 233 participants.

The first session commenced with an introduction to the world of internships by the keynote speaker, Mrs. Yenli Megawati, S.E., MM, who is also the Vice Rector of Student Affairs & Facilities. She provided a holistic view of the importance of internships in shaping a successful career and creating a strong foundation for students to build their future.

Subsequently, Mrs. Regina Dewi Hanifah, SST.Par, M.Par, the Manager of the Alumni & Career Center, took to the podium to expound on the significance of actively participating in internship programs. During this informative session, attendees were skillfully guided toward comprehending the pivotal role that internships play in broadening their horizons and refining their skills that are highly relevant in the professional arena.

The participants also had the honor of listening to Mrs. Winnie Harianto, an alumnus of Bunda Mulia University. She shared her inspiring journey of starting as an intern and eventually becoming a permanent staff member. Mrs. Winnie provided invaluable tips and tricks based on her personal experience, which proved to be informative and engaging. The interactive Q&A session allowed participants to ask questions and gain expert insights, making it a valuable opportunity for everyone to learn and grow in their respective fields. Overall, it was a session filled with knowledge, inspiration, and consultation.

The seminar was a great success, and it was heartwarming to see everyone come together for a lively photography session to commemorate the occasion. The memories created will be cherished by all who were there, and these moments will undoubtedly serve as historical milestones in the career journey of Ancol and Serpong Campus students.

We are pleased that the Internship Socialization Seminar was able to provide valuable information and motivation to students, inspiring them to take concrete steps toward building a meaningful internship experience. Furthermore, the Alumni & Career Center Department is fully committed to continuing to hold activities that provide added value and support student career advancement. We understand the importance of students’ career development and will do our best to assist them in any way possible.

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