[Release] Soft Skills Training – “Thriving In Your Career: Navigating Professional Fields Through Effective Time Management”

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On  18th May 2024, the Alumni & Career Center (ACC) of Bunda Mulia University hosted a Soft Skills Training event at The UBM Hall, located on the 8th floor of the UBM Ancol Campus. The objective of the training was to provide students with effective time management in professionalism fields. The Alumni and Career Center hosted an event aimed at preparing students with essential soft skills for their future careers.

The training began at 08:00 AM with singing the national anthem Indonesia Raya, followed by the national anthem of Bunda Mulia University. Subsequently, Mrs. Regina Dewi Hanifah as a Manager of the Alumni & Career Center, delivered the opening speech. This Soft Skills Training was attended by students starting from semester 6. The training was divided into three sub-topic, with a different speaker from a well-known company. For the first sub-topic “Organization Skills”, attendees were had insightful talks from Mrs. Fetty Kwartati as Director of PT. Sarinah for the first session. After the first sub-topic, attendees were entertained by the performance of the student organization, Biefindc.

Subsequently, Mrs. Albertha Sekundarti, the Country Human Resources Director of PT. Ascott Limited Indonesia, presented the second sub-topic “Problem Solving”. In the the last sub-topic “Self Development”, attendees explored how to develop themselves in the industrial sector, with insights shared by Mrs. Herline Septia as Brand Manager of PT. Global Jet Express (J&T Express). She is indeed an impressive alumni of Bunda Mulia University, and her success is a testament to the university’s ability to equip students with valuable soft skills that are essential for thriving in the professional world.

Students who participated in the Soft Skills Training program were provided with a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow both personally and professionally. Each session included a Q&A, allowing students to expand their knowledge and improve their skills. At the end of each session, the Alumni & Career Center expressed a token of  appreciation to the speakers for their invaluable contributions. The program aimed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel professionally and provide a foundation for their continued growth and success. We acknowledge the speakers for their commitment to our students’ development and dedication to the workforce’s growth and advancement.

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