Studium Generale Visual Communication Design Study Program with Antikode 

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Advanced Portfolio : Puzzling the Right Portfolio for the Creative Industries

The Alumni & Career Center Department collaborated with the Visual Communication Design Study Program and ANTIKODE to hold an important Studium Generale session with the theme “Advanced Portfolio: PUZZLING the RIGHT PORTFOLIO for the CREATIVE INDUSTRIES”. This event was held in hybrid mode on October 26th, 2023 at 13:30. It was hosted at The UBM Premier Class for Ancol Campus students and via Zoom Meeting media for Serpong Campus students. The event was opened with welcoming remarks from Mr. Dr. Fransiskus Adikara, S.Kom., M.M. as Dean of the Faculty of Technology and Design. The event was hosted by Reiner Andersen as Master of Ceremony and began with a presentation of material from Mr. Reinhard Andersen, who is the Lead Graphic Designer at ANTIKODE and also an alumnus of the 2010 Visual Communication Design study program.

Antikode is a consulting company that provides UI/UX services to businesses, from the research and design stages to advanced development on various platforms such as websites and mobile applications. They also ensure that their clients’ products are user-friendly. Some of Antikode’s clients include Bank Mandiri for the Mandiri Online project, Bekraf for the BIIMA Mobile App, Brightspot Market for their website, Polytron for Fira OS, and many more.

During a presentation to 100 students, Mr. Reinhard discussed the best practices for creating a good portfolio. He made some adjustments to the content to make it more suitable for a wider audience. He explained that there are three types of portfolios that can be used for different purposes – Portfolio for recruiters, Portfolio for Creative Leaders, and Portfolio for Potential Clients. The Portfolio for recruiters is designed for people who are looking for work and want to catch the attention of the recruitment team. The Portfolio for Creative Leaders, on the other hand, is intended for those who are looking for something unique and creative, such as self-made templates using applications like Adobe Photoshop. Creative Leaders usually avoid using existing templates as they tend to be commonly used by many people. Lastly, the portfolio for Potential Clients is designed for clients who prioritize the price over design. Potential clients usually consider high design prices as a luxurious expense. By understanding the different types of portfolios and their uses, students can prepare themselves better for the professional world after graduation by creating an attractive portfolio.

The event concluded with an interactive question and answer session, where enthusiastic students from both Ancol and Serpong campuses posed their queries to Mr. Reinhard. The event ended with a Token of Appreciation ceremony, where Mrs. Yana Erlyana, S.Sn., M.M, Secretary of the Visual Communication Design Program, presented the award to Mr. Reinhard Andersen, followed by a group photo session. By conducting such activities, students, especially those in their final semester and fresh graduates, can gain clarity and guidance on creating a portfolio to help them prepare for the creative industry.

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