[Release] Industrial Visit Data Science Study Program to Alfaland

Diposting Oleh | Juni 25, 2024 | Berita & Kegiatan

On June 6th, 2024, the students of Data Science Study Program Bunda Mulia University embarked on an industrial visit to Alfaland at Alfa Tower Alam Sutera. This visit not only offered them a valuable opportunity to understand the functions of data science in the hospitality industry but also allowed them to experience first-hand the practical application of the knowledge they gained.

During the first session, Mr. Roni Wardana, the IT Research and Development Manager of Alfaland explained the introduction of his company profile as a company in the property, property management and hotel management sectors. The Alfaland Group’s focus is building and developing commercial properties, housing and managing hotels of various classes in the best locations in Indonesia. After that, Mr. Roni gave students an understanding of the importance of data science in the hotel industry. Mr. Roni also discussed the prospects and challenges of a data scientist in an industry, especially the hospitality industry.

The visit was a valuable opportunity for UBM Data Science students at Serpong Campus to exchange ideas, discuss prospects and solutions to face challenges. The students were encouraged to appreciate the contribution of data science to driving business growth in the hospitality sector. In addition, the students also had the opportunity to observe the latest trends in the industry and how they can be utilized to improve user experience.

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